Colin Ward

CW editing at Showco                                   

My CV – CWard15 Kirklees CV

Letter confirming my teaching hours from 2014 to 2016 – Teaching Hours Letter

Who…  I am a mature student and previously worked as a children’s television producer/director. I am now embarking on a second career in teaching and began working as a college lecturer six years ago, taking a PTLLS course in my first year to develop my teaching skills. I am married with a nine year-old daughter.

Teaching Millie

What & Where… I have taught BTEC, OCR, and UAL units in Creative Media Production at Level 2 and Level 3 at Bradford College and Kirklees College, and I have also taught on an HND course in Creative Media at Bradford. I am currently teaching 10.5 hours a week at Kirklees and I have a contract to deliver 22 days of teaching at York University on their BSc in Film and Television Production. I teach a mix of practical units, such as Video Production and Audio Production, and theory units, such as UK Film Studies and Professional Practices.

Why... My main qualifications for teaching this subject are the skills and knowledge I acquired over twenty years of working in broadcast television as a producer and director. I worked in children’s TV for both ITV and BBC and I am still actively involved in children’s media in the UK through my work with the Children’s Media Foundation. I also work as a writer and publisher and over the last six years I have won commissions to write three company history books. As well as my practical industry experience I have a Post Graduate Diploma in Broadcast Journalism. I am on the PGDip course because I need to develop new skills to effectively teach what I know about media production.



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